Monday, March 31, 2008

Absolutely Meaningless Introduction

My collages are on paper and not digitally manipulated.

The word collage is derived from the French verb "coller"
means to glue, referring to the technique
of cutting out and gluing down.

Making a collage involves selecting and arranging objects from existing visual material. Finding an object can be accidental
and trigger a chain reaction of thoughts and associations.

Combining common objects, landscapes are resulting in something new and unexpected images; seemingly logical and realistic scenes.

The collage for me is a "snapshot", recording my glimpses
into an improbable or Metaphysical world.

The titles are part of the works in attempt to express "meaning"
by describing the scenes or situations of the collages.

Does everything we see has meaning or has to have meaning?

It is up to you the viewer to find meaning in the meaningless images.

1 comment:

Fredartlover said...

Brilliant pieces of work.

I thoroughly enjoyed them.